Truck carrying scrap metal drops engine on Pennsylvania woman’s car

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania woman was seriously injured when a truck carrying scrap metal dropped part of its shipment onto the woman’s vehicle on a roadway northwest of Philadelphia.

Specifically, the trucking accident took place at the I-76 off-ramp to southbound Route 202 in Montgomery County. It was here, according to police, that the truck partly tipped over while driving on the ramp from I-76 – dropping scrap metal over the side barrier and onto a Route 202 onramp in the process.

Tragically, officials report that one of the pieces of scrap metal, an engine, fell onto a 2004 Toyota Corolla below, trapping the female motorist inside. Thankfully, the woman was eventually freed after a tow truck crane was used to lift the hulking engine off the vehicle, although she was subsequently taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Dangers of overloaded trucks

Although it is still unclear as to what caused this recent accident – or why the scrap metal fell off the truck – similar accidents in the past have been attributed to improperly secured freight and overloaded trucks.

There are strict regulations in the trucking industry regarding the load size and weight that trucks are permitted to carry. In fact, these regulations control how much weight each type of truck can carry, in addition to how much weight can be placed on each axle and tire. Trucking weigh stations along well-traversed highways are used to ensure trucks are complying with these important safety regulations – although, despite these regulations, trucking companies and truck drivers continue to improperly load and overload their trucks.

Sadly, overloaded trucks are a recipe for disaster. Even more frustrating is that many of the accidents attributed to overloaded trucks can be easily prevented if trucking companies and truck drivers simply take the time to ensure their trucks comply with regulations and are safely loaded.

Consequently, it is important to hold trucking companies and truck drivers responsible for any actions that lead to trucking accidents and injuries, especially when these actions violate established federal safety regulations. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by an overloaded truck, it is important to seek the counsel of a skilled trucking accident injury attorney. An experienced attorney can help investigate the cause of the trucking accident and outline what your rights and options may be given your particular circumstances.