Pennsylvania Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

At Cherry Injury Law, much of the work our attorneys do is on behalf of individuals and families whose lives have been changed due to acts of negligence such as in motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes though, an act of negligence changes the lives of more than one person; sometimes dozens are harmed — sometimes hundreds. In these cases, a class action lawsuit may be the best method of recovering compensation for all affected parties. We have the strength to handle these large-scale lawsuits.

When a Class Action lawsuit Is Appropriate

Class action lawsuits tend to be most common in cases involving defective products. Our attorneys handle cases in which a defective drug or a defective car product that was distributed across Pennsylvania and throughout the United States caused harm to many consumers. These lawsuits may respond with product recalls.

When you come to us with a personal injury or wrongful death case, we will review it to determine whether a class action should be initiated. In some cases, simply because the act of negligence has affected so many people, a class action may have already been initiated, either by our law firm or by another law firm. We will make certain you are included in the class action and that you are positioned to benefit from the compensation obtained.

The Strength to Handle Class Action Lawsuits

While every individual personal injury and wrongful death case comes with its own challenges, class actions tend to be particularly difficult. Not only do they often involve massive amounts of information and a need for many experts, the opponents involved are willing to fight harder knowing that so much more is on the line. Losing a class action is going to cost substantially more than paying an individual who has filed a lawsuit. With decades of experience on our side, we have developed the strength to take on opponents in these cases.

Free Consultation: Contact a Media Injury Litigation Attorney

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