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I just want to start off by saying thank you. David how you handled my case was phenomenal. From start to finish you never let me down not for one second. From helping prove that I was in fact hurt and my employer and his insurance company played so many games LITERALLY! All in all you made them pay and I got the medical care & the compensation that I am owed. All my medical bills paid everything! I will never walk right again my children are toddlers not knowingly they can still depend on me now and in the future because of you guys. The laws allow insurance companies to deny a claim and not pay at all. You made them pay that roof was steep that’s why I told the foreman we should nail in kickers and they did not want any holes in a new roof. And it was their fault the entire time and they lied and lied remember I could not even move hardly and they said In was okay to work light duty. David you are the real deal I am on the cruise I told you about looking out at the sea and I am thinking about everything you did for me and I just wanna say Thanks again! My family and I Love You!
Posted by Johnny B
June 2017

Satisfied Client

David and his firm have taken care of me since 2001. Professional and Courteous from the start. I have been more than satisfied with his results. I have referred many clients to him and they have all been satisfied with his work.
Posted by Lou 
April 2017

what a great experience

I was in a car accident and didn’t know where to turn. A friend of mine told me to call the Cherry firm and I’m glad I did. Mr. Cherry put my mind at ease and help me get back on track and back to work. I would recommend the Cherry firm to anyone that needs a lawyer that cares about you and your needs. Thank you
Posted by jp 
March 2017

Workers’ Compensation – Exceptional Service

Thank you very much to David Cherry and his honest, trusting, and compassionate staff for providing me with exceptional service and ensuring I received the proper treatment throughout my case and going forward. David carefully listened to my case and thoroughly answered all of my questions in a professional and timely manner. David and his staff kept me well-informed about everything that was happening with my case which kept me at ease. His efforts resulted in a favorable outcome and fair settlement. I greatly appreciate all of the hard work David, John Jackson, and their assistant, Colleen, provided for me. David Cherry is an exceptional lawyer and I will highly recommend him to anyone.
Posted by MC
February 2017

Great Lawyer

David Cherry has been my lawyer since I can remember for various reasons and he has been able to resolve all of them. I refer him to everyone that needs great representation.
Posted by Jeff
September 9, 2015

Workers Compensation case

Mr. Cherry handled my worker’s comp case. He made sure I had the right doctors, and when the insurance company stopped my checks, he got me paid. He also got me a fair settlement at the end.
Posted by Pete
August 25, 2015

Workers Compensation case

Mr. Cherry handled my worker’s comp case. He made sure I had the right doctors, and when the insurance company stopped my checks, he got me paid. He also got me a fair settlement at the end.


I was quite dismayed in seeing a negative comment about Mr. David Cherry. Mr. Cherry was always there when I needed advice or simply had a question because I was unfamiliar with the legalities of my case. He was expedient, kind, trustworthy and sympathetic. His staff, Mr. John Jackson possessed every wanted quality in a lawyer who specialized in Worker’s Compensation. His assistant, Sandra, was unbelievable answering any question any also guiding me through the entire process. Mr. Cherry and his entire staff were exceptional because they were experienced, empathetic, and professional!!!
Posted by Elizabeth H
June 12, 2015


David Cherry was, in my opinion, the best attorney for my brother’s workman’s compensation case. From the time of the accident to the time the settlement happened, he was communicating with my family and I about what was going on and what the next steps were. Heck, he even visited my brother frequently when he was rehabbing and would go to his house to see him after he was home. My family and I couldn’t be happier about the settlement and all the details involved with the ongoing care for my brother. We know he is well taken care of for the rest of his life and we have David Cherry to thank for it.
Posted by Brandon
August 20, 2015

Awesome attorney

Mr. Cherry has been me and my family’s attorney for as long as I can remember he has always been a great lawyer and I never had a problem with him. He has been not only an attorney but a great friend I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Cherry for any and everything he does in his field keep up the great work Mr. Cherry and continues to be the awesome attorney that you are
Posted by Tiffany
August 15, 2015

Family attorney

I have been with David Cherry for the past 13 years, dealing with workers comp. He walked me through every step of the way. David also came to the hospital for me since I could not make it to his office. He has always returned my calls and explained everything thoroughly. My entire family has used Mr. Cherry for all their legal needs and he has not let any of us down.
Posted by Michelle
July 24, 2015