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What is a dram shop? The idea came from the old term referring to a place that sold alcohol by the dram. Dram shop liability laws in Pennsylvania cover places of business that serve alcohol – from liquor stores to bars to restaurants, theaters, and clubs – and impose liability on these establishments when they serve alcohol to someone underage or already intoxicated who then goes on to break the law or get in an accident that hurts themselves or others.

Dram shop laws vary widely from state to state, but most allow individuals to recover financial compensation when the establishment who served them alcohol already knew, or should have known, that they were beyond the legal limit, were unfit to drive, or should have been stopped from drinking. However, the indicators of intoxication can be contested, and in order to establish dram shop liability, a thorough investigation, including testimony, must be conducted.

Due to the complex nature of dram shop laws in Philadelphia, it is recommended that anyone dealing with a drunk driving charge or other accident related to intoxication consult first with an experienced personal injury attorney who has a track record of dealing successfully with dram shop cases.

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