Why You Need A Pennsylvania Dram Shop Lawyer

Drunk driving accidents can be extremely traumatic. Lives are suddenly turned upside down. Victims are now faced with medical bills that can easily add up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wages are lost because of missed work, making it difficult to cover costs of living. And it is all because of someone else’s decision to get behind the wheel drunk.

But what if the drunk driver is not the only responsible party? Perhaps the bar that provided the drunk driver alcohol and let him walk out the door, keys in hand, is also liable. This is the reason you need a Pennsylvania dram shop lawyer after a drunk driving accident: to determine all sources of compensation and maximize your recovery. At Cherry Injury Law, our lawyers have decades of experience handling these cases. We know exactly where to look and how to maximize your recovery.

Recovering Compensation From Third Parties

A third party is any party besides the car accident victim and the drunk driver. From the perspective of dram shop claims, relevant third parties include bars, nightclubs and restaurants that may have served alcohol to an obviously intoxicated individual. Liquor stores may be targets in dram shop claims. Even an individual who hosted a party at his or her home and served alcohol to guests may be held accountable if a guest caused a drunk driving accident.

Why Is an Attorney’s Ability to Handle Dram Shop Claims Important?

Obviously, you want an attorney who can help you get as much compensation as possible, considering the expenses you will have to deal with as a result of the drunk driving accident. This is particularly important if the drunk driver was an uninsured or underinsured motorist, meaning his or her insurance coverage is not sufficient to provide the money you need. Our ability to pursue dram shop claims means you can be confident no opportunities will be missed to help you get the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Free Consultation: Contact a Media Liquor Liability Law Attorney

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