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No one undergoing a surgical procedure of any kind expects to be the victim of anesthesia error whether in a dentist’s office, a surgical theater or an outpatient clinic. Although rare, anesthesia errors do occur and for a variety of reasons, and approximately one in 200,000 to 300,000 patients dies from these errors. Survivors of anesthesia error can suffer lasting and debilitating health complications that severely affect their quality of life. Victims of such errors often contact an experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney to learn more about the laws that apply and pursue the possibility of seeking damages.

The experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Cherry Injury Law can tell you that anesthesia errors occur for many different reasons, but the most common reason is also the most tragic and avoidable—medical negligence. When standard procedures designed to prevent errors are not followed, the chances of an anesthesia error are greatly enhanced. Examples of anesthesia errors include:

  • Failing to recognize that a patient is experiencing complications from the anesthesia
  • Leaving the patient unattended or failing to monitor his or her condition. During a procedure, an anesthesiologist should monitor the patient on an ongoing basis, looking for evidence of complications and/or patient distress. Failing to provide adequate supervision constitutes medical malpractice
  • Administering oxygen improperly during the procedure
  • Administering the wrong anesthetic or administering improper levels of an anesthetic
  • Intubation errors that impair the patient’s ability to breathe during and after the procedure
  • Other situations wherein the anesthesiologist and other medical professionals fail to follow proper medical procedures

Anesthesia errors can compromise the ability to breathe and control motor functions, impair the performance of the cardiopulmonary system, starve the brain of oxygen and cause other very serious conditions that change the course of one’s life forever. Any of these or other anesthesia error complications can result in long-term disabilities and require expensive ongoing medical care for the rest of a patient’s life. In addition to the physical and mental distress of knowing that if proper procedures and protocols were followed there would be no injury, the situation is often compounded by profound economic distress for the patient and his or her family.

In order to represent clients in these cases, an experienced Philadelphia anesthesia error lawyer must have extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania law and the proper medical procedures to follow to ensure that these errors don’t occur. If you believe that you or a close family member have been the victim of anesthesia error, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Cherry Injury Law today.

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