Causes of Injuries

Pennsylvania Causes of Injuries

Birthing injuries can be caused by physical factors, like a baby’s size or the shape of a mother’s birth canal, as well as by gross negligence on the part of medical professionals. Let’s discuss some of the more common causes of injuries to neonates.

Abnormally shaped maternal pelvis

Technically known as cephalopelvic disproportion, this condition can increase the risk of bruising injuries, like caput succedaneum, as well as injuries resulting from contortion, such as shoulder dystocia.

Problematic delivery position

In a minority of birthing cases, the infant will be positioned to exit the birthing canal at an awkward angle. Just because a baby goes through a “breeched birth” doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will suffer injury, but it’s generally more likely. An obstetrician may attempt to deliver the baby via caesarean section or via an alternative method to avoid injury to mother or child.

Failure on the part of attending physicians to deal with complications

Physicians face difficult birthing situations all the time, including cases involving fetal distress, unusual bleeding, and entrapment of the umbilical cord. If an attending doctor fails to speed-up the labor process when necessary or negligently handles a vacuum extraction device or a forceps instrument, injuries to infants can occur. In medical malpractice situations, it’s possible for parents to bring legal claims against not only the doctors or nurses who directly caused injuries but also against any liable medical institution or insurance company.

Inconsistent or overly long labor/premature birthing

Deliveries that depart substantially from the standard birthing timeline tend to be more risky. Premature babies on average are weaker and smaller than full-term babies and thus can suffer injuries easier. Babies who go through a prolonged labor can also be injured more easily, since labor places enormous stresses on the baby’s systems and body.

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