Philadelphia Facial Paralysis Attorneys

Facial paralysis or partial facial paralysis can result from trauma during birth and delivery. The most common general type of facial paralysis, known as Bell’s palsy, occurs in approximately four out of every five cases.

Symptoms and treatment options depend on the severity of the paralysis, the health of the newborn, and the existence of other complicating medical or technical factors. Facial paralysis is more likely to occur during a traumatic or prolonged delivery or a delivery in which the baby is born in an awkward position (such as a breech birth position). Certain instruments, methods, and procedures employed by attending health professionals can either reduce or potentially contribute to risk of facial paralysis.

For instance, an obstetrician might speed up the labor process inappropriately, and this might in turn lead to a stress accident in which the infant suffers damage to facial muscles or the brachial plexus.

Given the complicated biology and physics of birth injuries and the diverse potential contributors to conditions like facial paralysis, it can be quite difficult to level a liability claim against a third party. That said, with an active and technically adept Philadelphia personal injury attorney on your team, you can bring damages against a party or parties who contributed to your child’s injury.

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