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Was your newborn affected by extreme jaundice — but the doctor charged with advising and treating your new baby in the days after birth failed to take proper actions to prevent or treat kernicterus? If your baby went on to suffer permanent harm, you may have a cause of action. Medical malpractice may be demonstrable if your doctor failed to take these precautionary actions:

  • Recommend follow-up health check within two to three days of leaving the hospital
  • Measure bilirubin levels within the first 24 hours if jaundice was evident
  • Screen for diseases involving the destruction of red blood cells
  • Prescribe phototherapy if indicated
  • Order exchange transfusions if indicated

With proper screening, monitoring, testing and treatment, many babies are saved from the damaging effects of kernicterus. Without proper attention paid to the common condition of jaundice, a newborn baby is at risk of irreparable damage such as the following:

  • Neurological complications, including brain damage
  • High-frequency hearing loss
  • Mental retardation
  • Muscle rigidity
  • Speech difficulties
  • Seizures
  • Movement disorder

In extreme cases, newborn babies may die of kernicterus. Prevention and treatment following the cautionary presence of jaundice are essential.

If any of these harmful conditions sound familiar and you and your family are struggling to cope with your new baby’s disabilities, contact a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer with extensive experience handling birth injury cases. Your family is likely to have many expenses and losses such as medical bills, therapy costs, special education, and loss of income for the parents who must take time off work and emotional distress. A birth injury claim may provide your baby with monetary resources to allow for a more comfortable life despite the difficult circumstances.

If your newborn baby has jaundice and you wonder whether your doctor is taking proper action, speak up and ask what should be done. For greater peace of mind, you may wish to get a second opinion about the best ways to protect your baby with jaundice from harmful effects of this condition.

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