Philadelphia Maternal Death Lawyers

When an expectant mother entrusts her own health and that of her unborn baby to the care of an obstetrician and later to a hospital, she rightfully expects that everyone involved will exercise accepted standards of care. She expects that a physician will take actions in her best interests throughout the prenatal care, labor, delivery and neonatal processes. When that expectation is not met and the mother’s life is lost, family members have the right to hold all responsible parties accountable. The lawyers at Cherry Injury Law, can help.

Was the Obstetrician More Focused on Efficiency?

Birth injuries and problems during pregnancy are often the result of an obstetrician focused more on efficiency than on thoroughness in care of the mother and baby, either before or immediately after birth. Sometimes health care providers fail to communicate with each other or neglect to follow up on warning flags. An overweight mother, a mother with gestational diabetes, a mother with a family history of difficult births or an overlarge fetus are all cause for concern before childbirth. These issues should not be overlooked.

Were Labor, Delivery and Postnatal Care Managed Properly?

In some cases, pregnancy presents difficulties, but the birth should proceed normally with proper precautions. In the event of a medical emergency during labor or delivery, a C-section might be indicated. After birth, if a mother shows signs of hemorrhage or deterioration of vital signs, aggressive tests and treatments may be indicated.

Were All Options Made Clear to the Parents Before the Difficult Birth?

There are often options. Ultimately, they may not be palatable to parents, but they should always be provided. One of them is a therapeutic abortion early in a pregnancy, which may be recommended for the sake of the mother’s life and health.

If your doctor did not clearly communicate the extent of the risks and explain all options before the birth that killed a wife and mother, an attorney should be contacted. The accidental death of a loved one is always distressing and disorienting. When the deceased family member was a mother in childbirth or shortly after birth, there is much more to deal with than sorrow. Often there is a husband, a newborn baby or other children who face monetary losses as well. A wrongful death claim may provide the support the family now needs.

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