Philadelphia Shoulder Dystocia Attorneys

Shoulder dystocia is a serious birth complication that occurs in approximately 1 out of every 100 vaginal deliveries. It occurs when the shoulders of the baby fail to pass successfully through the birth canal. Certain factors predispose women to having babies who suffer complicated deliveries, such as dystocia. Women who are overweight, diabetic, or physiologically predisposed to a narrow and awkward-to-traverse birth canal are all at greater risk for the complication.

Injuries from shoulder dystocia can run the gamut and can include:

  • bruising and irritation
  • scalp injuries like caput succedaneum and cephalohematoma
  • damage to the brachial plexus nerve nodes

The procedures used to correct for shoulder dystocia can also lead to significant risks to both mother and baby. Although in nearly half of all cases, simply repositioning the mother’s legs to dilate her birth canal relieves the situation, in other cases, more extreme methods may be required.

For instance, doctors may perform an episiotomy (cutting from the vaginal opening to the anus) to create a wider outlet for the infant, or physicians may even choose to perform the complicated Zavanelli maneuver, which basically involves pushing the baby back into the vagina and then performing a caesarean section. In addition to the aforementioned injuries to the brachial plexus, the baby may suffer injuries to the collar bone, arm, neck, or head. The mother may suffer complications from the episiotomy, heavy bleeding and damage to the urinary system.

All told, shoulder dystocia can be a fraught and consequential complication. If a physician caused or exacerbated a birthing injury, you can press for damages under Pennsylvania law. Dial 215-675-2400 to speak to the Philadelphia birth injury lawyers here at Cherry Injury Law. We have a vast amount of experience dealing with birth injuries of every level of complexity, and we are happy to provide a complimentary consultation. Look for more info about the subject of birth injuries here .