Philadelphia Accutane Lawsuit Attorneys

Many teenagers and adults struggle with the painful red bumps, whiteheads and blackheads associated with the skin condition known as acne. Creams, washes and other treatments work for some individuals. For others, the problem seems hopeless. In 1982, the United States drug manufacturer Hoffmann-La Roche offered hope for countless acne sufferers when it released Accutane into the market. Intended for serious cases of acne, many users viewed the medication as a miracle cure for the condition.

Accutane Side Effects Can Be Life-Changing

What most users were not aware of was that the drug had many serious side effects. For some, the price of clear skin was very high indeed. Between the time Hoffmann-La Roche began selling Accutane until it discontinued production in June of 2009, many people suffered side effects that included suicidal thoughts, depression, Crohn’s disease, liver damage, miscarriages and birth complications. Thousands of users have made the decision to take legal action against the manufacturer or health care providers for failing to warn them of the serious risks associated with taking Accutane. You may be able to as well.

Who Is Eligible to File an Accutane Lawsuit?

Any Accutane user that experienced serious side effects while taking the drug may be able to file a lawsuit. The chances of receiving compensation depend on a number of factors such as whether the individual started taking the drug before or after the manufacturer began including birth defect and suicide attempt warnings, the nature and severity of the injuries and whether the user’s physician informed him or her of possible side effects and risks. Because everyone’s situation is unique, it is always a good idea to speak with an experienced defective drug attorney at Cherry Injury Law, to determine eligibility and the overall chances of success in an Accutane lawsuit.

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