Philadelphia Emergency Room Errors Attorney

An emergency room is supposed to be a place of help and relief for people experiencing medical crises such as heart attacks or respiratory distress.

By federal law, emergency rooms in hospitals that receive any type of federal funds, including Medicare payments, are required to stabilize patients without regard for their ability to pay. Per medical standards, it is expected that doctors and nurses follow accepted practices to save lives and protect the well-being of patients in the emergency room.

How upsetting it is, then, when you take your family member to the emergency room (ER) for treatment, only to have him or her suffer harm through negligence on the part of personnel at the hospital. More than upsetting, it can be very costly to deal with the results of an emergency room error.

Did you present yourself (or bring your family member) to an emergency room with life-threatening symptoms or with complaints of searing pain, only to be given a mild remedy and sent home? Did you suffer a heart attack, stroke or turn for the worse after leaving the hospital, and do you suspect that this could have been avoided if your complaints had been taken seriously?

Did you or your family member suffer brain damage after a failed intubation attempt in the emergency room? Did your loved one present himself or herself in the emergency room stating mental distress, only to be dismissed — and commit suicide or murder soon thereafter? Your family may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim resulting from a psychiatric emergency such as this.

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