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No matter how routine the procedure, surgery is always frightening for patients and families. When people undergo surgery, they trust they are putting themselves in the hands of skilled doctors and hospital staff. When a physician makes a serious surgical error, that trust is broken. The patient may carry physical, psychological and emotional scars for the rest of his or her life. In these instances, it is important to consult with a medical malpractice lawyer at Cherry Injury Law, to determine if the health care provider violated the standard of care and to review your options to obtain compensation.

What Types of Actions Constitute Surgical Errors?

Just because a surgery negatively affected someone’s health or well-being does not necessarily mean that it was surgical error. All surgical procedures come with risks. An error means that there has been a violation of the standard of care. Examples include:

  • Performing the wrong procedure — In this type of surgical error, the surgery performed on the patient is not the one he or she was supposed to receive. This is often the result of a failure to review records properly.
  • Performing surgery on the wrong body part — There have been instances in which a doctor amputates the incorrect limb or performs a procedure on the wrong body part.
  • Internal organ punctures — Performing surgery is a precise craft, and just a small slip of the hand can cause the scalpel to damage organs or nerves. These injuries can become particularly problematic if they are not caught and repaired.
  • Errors related to anesthesia — An anesthetic overdose can affect numerous body systems and even cause death, making this a very serious type of surgical error.
  • Leaving instruments or other foreign objects inside the body — Scalpels, gauze and other objects inadvertently left inside the patient can pose health risks and may make it necessary to perform another surgery.

Because even the most minor of surgeries carry with them some element of risk, it can be hard to know whether injuries were the result of a preventable surgical error on the part of the physician, anesthesiologist, nursing staff or other medical personnel. Our lawyers have the experience and the resources to identify errors and take the appropriate action.

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