5 Top Reasons to Hire an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania—It’s More Crucial Than You Might Think!

Auto accidents can be catastrophic. They can cause serious injuries that may require costly surgeries, hospitalization for weeks, rehabilitation, ongoing treatment, and physical therapy. Hence, the recovery process is not just physically painful but also financially stressful. Although there is nothing that can be done to turn back time, what you can do is file a claim to ease of the financial burden.

By law, you have the legal right to get compensated for the injuries and losses incurred by you due to the accident that was caused by the other driver’s negligence or fault. The amount of compensation varies depending on your injuries, case, and defendant. If your defendant is strong and your case lacks legal representation, you may have to settle for less or even nothing at all. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer in Pennsylvania to protect your rights and get fairly compensated.

Here are more reasons to work with a seasoned car accident lawyer:

1. Well-Versed in Dealing with Stealthy Tactics of Insurance Companies

In most cases, where victims deal with insurance companies without legal representation, they are never able to get the settlement that they are entitled to simply because they can’t trust insurance companies. Well, the truth of the matter is that insurance companies are not your friends or on your side. Their job is to reduce liability claim, and they do this by employing stealthy tactics, such as pushing claimants into accepting the smallest amount of settlement possible.

However, you don’t have to worry about insurance companies and their gimmicks once you have an experienced auto accident lawyer in Pennsylvania to represent your case. An experienced attorney has seen it all before and knows exactly how to handle and deal with the trickiest tactics.

2. Equipped to Gather Crucial Evidence and Conduct Effective Investigations

After the accident, it is important that you immediately hire a lawyer before crucial evidence is lost, erased or tampered. For example, in truck accidents, the trucking companies often send their team to hide the black box so that the data stored in it can’t be used against them as evidence. Similarly, the driver’s logbook that has crucial information about the trucker’s hours of service is also destroyed by the trucking company to reduce their liability.

However, when you hire a seasoned attorney you don’t have to worry about all this because such an attorney will visit the accident scene right away to collect and compile valuable evidence. They won’t delay because from their experience they know that every second matters in evidence collection.

Furthermore, experienced attorneys are also well-equipped with resources and have a team of certified experts. These experts include crash reconstruction specialists, rules compliance and safety experts, motorist training (trucking college) specialists, mechanics and engineers, toxicology specialists, medical experts, and life treatment planners who can investigate the case and evidence in-depth, which will allow them to determine what caused the accident and who is responsible for it.

3. Profound Knowledge of PA Laws

Hiring a qualified auto accident lawyer in Pennsylvania for case representation means that you will have someone with a professional and thorough understanding of the complex legal framework of PA traffic laws.

By leveraging on such knowledge to identify traffic laws that were broken by the negligent party, you will be able to prove the fault of the other party and create a persuasive compensation case for yourself. And you know what that means? Well, the familiarity of the lawyer with PA legal system can greatly improve your chances of recovering a full and fair compensation.

4. Can Ensure That Your Claim is Inclusive of All Potential Recoverable Damages

Knowing your current and future financial expenses that you’re likely to incur because of the accident’s aftermath is crucial when it comes to filing the claim. The claim amount must be inclusive of all potential recoverable damages so that you can move on with life with greater financial security and cope with the ongoing expenses related to the accident. So, this is another reason why it can make all the difference if you hire an experienced attorney for case representation.

An experienced attorney understands the laws and has the knowledge of what is inclusive in a claim and what isn’t; therefore, they can factor in all the important elements to determine the right and fair amount of claim for you. Some of the recoverable damages include medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. However, knowing the law, your attorney can also calculate the non-economic damages in the claim amount such as pain, disfigurement, and suffering as these can also be recovered through compensation.

5. Can Help Avoid Mistakes that Can Negatively Affect Your Claim

With a professional and experienced attorney by your side, you don’t have to directly deal with insurance adjusters who often manipulate statements of victims to lower the claim. Your attorney can help you avoid mistakes like:

  • Accepting a low settlement too early
  • Putting off your medical evaluation and
  • Posting information about your case on social media as all this information can be used against you by the insurance adjuster. And that is definitely something you don’t want.

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Be it investigating, filing paperwork, dealing with insurance companies, or getting you a fair settlement, we’ll assist you with everything. We’ll ensure that you are able to regain your financial footing and move forward in life