Why You Shouldn’t Discuss Your Auto Accident Case with the Insurance Company

If you have been involved in an unfortunate auto accident, then there is a high chance that you will be receiving a call from an insurance company. Soon after the accident, insurance agents will start their process of investigating the accident and trying to find out the costs associated with it.

The key to remember in this case is that you should not talk to the other driver’s insurer. You should contact your insurance company and talk to them about the accident. However, it’s essential that you avoid making a statement of any sort to the other insurer. Even if you feel that the accident was the other person’s fault and the case will be simple, it is best to let your attorney talk to the other insurer.

The primary goal of the insurance agent who contacts you after the accident is to get all the relevant information about it and make a case that will help the insurance company in paying as little as possible.

An insurance company is never too happy to give out money and they will look for ways to reduce the payment in any way.

Legal Requirements

The most important thing to remember is that you do not have a legal obligation to talk to the other driver’s insurance agent. Therefore, it is advised that you do not talk to the insurance company representative.

However, you may decide to talk to the insurance company’s agent in some cases like if the other driver was at fault. If there is a possibility that you, the other driver, or a passenger can make a serious injury claim, don’t speak to the agent. The claim can make complications for the case and it is best that a personal injury attorney looks after its proceedings. If you have hired a car accident attorney or your insurance company has an adjuster, then it is advised that you should let them proceed with the case and find a solution to the problem.

When to Talk to the Other Insurance Company

There may be a case where talking to the other insurance company seems like a good idea. In the cases when there is a minor accident involved and there is no severe personal or property damage, talking to the insurance company will set the matter straight. It is important that you avoid risking any miscommunication between you and the insurance company.

Another case where you may talk to the at-fault driver’s insurance company is when they lie about it and refuse to provide you with their insurer information. This way you can talk to the insurance company and tell them about the severity of the accident that the other driver is trying to hide.

Speaking to the Insurance Company

Before you talk to the insurance company, remember that the goal of the insurance company is opposite of what you want. You are looking forward to compensation for your accident and getting some money to recover the damage, whereas the goal of the insurance company is to minimize the amount they pay out to cover the damage you and your vehicle have sustained during the auto accident. Whatever measures and investigation the insurance company will undertake will not be in your interest.

Keeping this in mind, you should engage with the insurance company. When you talk to them, you should be wary of what you say and share. Anything you are going to say will be assessed extremely critically and will be looked into. The insurers also look for ways to disregard any or all of the claims you make in your statement. For example, if you are asked how you feel after the accident and you tell them you are feeling fine and it was only a minor incident, there is a high chance that your claim will go to waste. The insurance company will try to prove that the damage sustained was not of a significant amount and it was non-existent.Your words can make a lot of difference when talking to your insurer. Adjusters work to minimize any detail they find and make it look like it was your fault. Therefore, don’t say anything apart from what you are asked. If you try to provide them with extra details, they are going to further investigate and ask even more questions from you. The lengthy procedure of making your claim viable can go to waste if you say anything vague about the whole incident.

You should also be wary of what you say to the other driver and the police. If you say something in which you are admitting fault, it can gravely harm your claim. If the officers ask you for explicit details and you are unaware of full details, then it is better that you avoid answering the question completely. It is better not to answer than to speculate about a certain situation.

Your Accident Attorney

To avoid all the said problems, it is essential that you hire an accident attorney who deals with the insurance company and assists you in filing a claim. The attorneys are well-learned and are well-experienced at dealing with insurance companies. The tricks insurers play to avoid paying high amounts can be tough to face on your own. Having an attorney eases your problem as they deal with them much more professionally. The attorney will file the claim and talk to the police and also the other driver’s insurance company. It is also crucial if you have faced severe personal injuries. You don’t want to pay the excessive bills for the treatment.

The process that follows a motor vehicle accident can be long and daunting. It would take some time until you get your claim approved and in your hand. Cherry Injury Law is a law firm that deals with several types of cases and motor vehicle accidents is one of them. If you have been in an accident, then contact them now and let them take care of your claims to the insurance company.