Dos and Don’ts after a Car Accident

A police officer at the car accident
You might get goose bumps after reading this that approximately 6 million automobile accidents occur annually in the US, and most of the drivers think that it will never happen to them. It’s true that no matter how many precautions you take, you can’t be 100 percent safe.

Sometimes you may get in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, reckless behavior or a careless act. And that’s exactly why you should be well-aware of the do’s and don’ts after a car accident. This will help you be aware of what you should do and shouldn’t once you are in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Do’s of a Car Accident

Here are the steps you must take after a car accident in Pennsylvania

Call 911

Dial 911 to call an ambulance to take you the hospital so that you can get quick medical care for injuries sustained in the accident. Also, ask them to send a law enforcement officer to the accident scene.

This is important because the police officer will create a detailed report about the accident scene with all their observations about the scene of the accident. Remember that, this police report will be used as an important piece of evidence when you file a personal injury claim.

Get Quick Medical Aid and Full-Diagnosis Done

Even if you feel fine, you must get a complete and proper check up done by the doctor. Insist the doctor to perform full-diagnosis of your body to identify all injuries incurred even the soft tissue and internal injuries which don’t result in immediate pain.

Not only is timely medical treatment important to speed up the recovery process but it is also crucial from claim filing perspective. If all injuries are not reported and recorded immediately, the insurance company may not offer you a full compensation as they may state that the injuries identified after days or weeks may have been caused by some other accident.

Take Photos of the Accident Scene and Collect Information

If you’re in a position to move, then as you wait for the paramedics to arrive, you should take photos of the accident scene using your cell phone. This should include photos of the:
• Traffic signs
• Damages to the vehicle
• Surrounding area

Also, make sure to collect information of the party involved and the witnesses. Write down the details of the witnesses such as:

• What they have to say about the accident
• Their contact numbers and names

As from the party involved, try collecting information like:
• Their insurance number
• Car registration number
• Driver’s license number
• License plate number

Hire Legal Representation

Seek legal assistance from an experienced auto accident lawyer in PA. At Cherry Injury Law, we can provide you with quality assistance at every step of the process ensuring that you get a full and fair compensation for losses and injuries incurred.

Don’t of a Car Accident

Here’s what you shouldn’t do after you are in a car accident:

Don’t Leave the Accident Scene

Once you’re in an accident, it is natural to feel panic. Thus, an obvious reaction in such a situation would be to leave the scene. However, that’s not the right way to respond to it. The best way to go about it is to stay calm and at the accident scene as the ambulance and police arrives.

Don’t Directly Interact with the Insurance Adjuster

Soon after the accident, you will be contacted by the insurance adjuster. Remember that, an insurance company is a for-profit organization. They will come across as if they are concerned about you and your health but all they want to do is to limit their liability.

Therefore, it is advisable that you don’t interact with them or give any recorded statements about the accident. This is because whatever you say or do can be manipulated and used against you by the adjuster to limit their liability and lower or deny your compensation claim.

Don’t Avoid or Skip Full Diagnosis

Full diagnosis is crucial as we mentioned earlier. Right after the accident you are likely to experience an adrenaline rush due to which you may not experience the pain from some internal injuries. This is because adrenaline is a hormone that acts like a pain blocker so you don’t feel the pain right away. However, once it settles down, you will feel the pain and then the insurance company will be in a stronger position as they may deny the possibilities of the injuries reported later as a result of the car accident that you had earlier.

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