How Can a Motorcycle Accident Affect Your Career?

motorcycle accident

The road whizzing beneath you, and the wind whistling, the thrill of riding a motorcycle is beyond amazing. But let’s not forget, with all the fun and magic, the risk of an accident is also high. Even if you gear up properly and take precautionary measures, you’re still exposed to the risk of severe motorcycle collisions because of the negligence of other drivers.

Once you are in an accident, you’re likely to experience detrimental injuries mostly because of the lack of exterior steel protection that car drivers have and motorcyclists don’t. The physical and emotional injuries that you may endure can derail your career and impact it negatively. Wondering how? Read on to find out as we discuss some common injuries in a motorcycle accident and how they can wreck your career.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Although wearing a helmet can lower the risk of brain injury by nearly 69%, they can still occur in a motorcycle crash. Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can significantly lower your ability to complete your daily job tasks.

Here’s how:

Memory Loss

One of the mental and cognitive mild and severe TBI symptoms is the loss of memory. Memory loss can make it very difficult for you to complete your day to day job tasks as you would otherwise before the accident. Due to the loss of memory, you may struggle to:

  • Remember how to complete familiar tasks
  • Retain new information
  • Learn new things or work with new people

Difficulty Concentrating

Another symptom of traumatic brain injury, difficulty concentrating can negatively impact your productivity at work. Following a TBI, you may struggle to concentrate on even the easiest of the tasks.  As per the law, your employer may not be able to terminate you because of TBI, but it will nonetheless make it extremely difficult for you to obtain increments and promotions in the future because of your low work productivity and performance.

Slow Thinking

In a fast paced work setting, slow thinking due to TBI can limit your career growth as you may find it very difficult and challenging to match the pace and keep up with the cutthroat pace of your office.

Although you may be able to recover  from a traumatic brain injury and go back to work, in some cases, it can take months and even years. All this can mean:

  • Lost promotions
  • Lost opportunities to work in new settings and employers
  • Your employer may start to view you as a liability instead of a value-adding resource for the company

Temporary or Permanent Disability

In a severe motorcycle accident, you are likely to experience injuries like broken bones, fractures, and spinal damage. Spinal injuries can lead to paralysis, while other injuries can often occur in temporary or permanent disability. This means that you may no longer be able to work the way that you used too. For example, if you work in a factory where your job is to move and lift packages, then this might be impossible to perform, especially if the motorcycle accident results in a broken arm or leg.

Similarly, for those with desk jobs, a broken arm after a motorcycle accident will also limit their chances of climbing up the corporate ladder because typing with one hand that to in a brace or a cast can be extremely hard.

Short-Term Career Damage

In some situations, you may experience injuries that require complete bed rest to ensure body healing and recovery. While you may not experience injuries that impact your career and life forever, they can result in short-term disability that can also impact your career graph negatively. Here’s how:

Take Time Off From Work

Not every employer can provide you with the flexibility to work while you recover. Rehab, therapies and surgeries can lead to decreased time at work thus you may come across as a less reliable employee. In other words, physical therapy can take up more time and you may be forced to miss work due to scheduled appointments. In some cases, you may have to spend a few days in the hospital.

Physical Limitation

Since you’re unable to work at your full potential, it can be extremely difficult for you to compete and prove your mettle. Thus, you may not be able to compete with colleagues as you recover from your injuries. You may take more breaks and leave the office early too. Due to injuries and pain you may not be able to give your best at work.

This will provide other employees the opportunities to take advantage of your injuries and complete the tasks that you are supposed to do. Not only will this impact your image in the company but also your employer may give them better wages, promotion and opportunities to grow and climb up the corporate ladder.

Get the Help You Deserve After Your Motorcycle Accident

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