Philadelphia Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

A crash causing injury that involves a taxi may be like any other car accident in many respects. However, certain aspects and factors typical of taxi accidents may require special attention when pursuing compensation for the injured person:

  • Taxis have a reputation for speed and aggression in traffic. Is it true that they are faster than other types of cars in Philadelphia? Even if we do not really know the answer, the perception is there among other drivers. Perceptions sometimes matter to claims adjusters, judges and juries.
  • Insurance and liability issues can be tricky with taxis. Who is responsible: the taxi company or the driver? Is there sufficient insurance coverage to provide you with the compensation that you need after suffering a serious injury in a taxi accident? These are questions for an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer with experience investigating and uncovering sources of compensation for accident victims.

At Cherry Injury Law, West Chester car crash law firm serving clients throughout Pennsylvania, experienced Philadelphia taxi cab accident lawyers counsel and represent people injured in any type of taxi or other motor vehicle accident. Whether you were a passenger in a taxi that crashed, an occupant in another vehicle or a bicyclist or pedestrian, you are encouraged to contact an attorney promptly to maximize opportunities for recovery of compensation.

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