Philadelphia Bucket Truck Accident Attorney

Bucket trucks are used for construction and maintenance jobs — and in both situations, hazards at the job site often contribute to serious injuries or deaths. Bucket trucks or cherry pickers are common equipment for jobs such as these:

  • Installation of electrical wiring
  • Cleaning, repairing or installing windows
  • Servicing of service telephone, cable television, and electrical equipment on utility poles

Injuries and fatalities occur when workers in bucket trucks fall out or hit power lines and suffer electrocution. There are many possible reasons for these occurrences, and often only a detailed investigation will uncover the true cause of an accident involving a bucket truck.

Even if the cause is clear, it may not be clear whether the worker was an employee or an independent contractor. Resolution of an injury claim or wrongful death claim may depend on determination of the worker’s employment status. There is also the possibility that defective equipment was to blame — and cause for a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

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