Pennsylvania Chemical Exposure Attorneys

Pennsylvania construction workers, and construction site employees all over the country, often find themselves putting their health at risk when they clock in on the job site. This is especially true when employees find themselves exposed to deadly chemicals that can have devastating long term health effects. It is the responsibility of employers to keep workers safe and to properly train them when it comes to occupational chemical exposure that can cause acute or chronic illness or injury.

There are many rules and regulations regarding the use of chemicals, however many industrial and construction workers still find themselves at substantial risk for occupational exposure. These dangers are increased when those individuals on the job are not properly trained in the handling of these chemicals. Inhalation of lead dust, fumes, fibers of asbestos, smoke, or other chemicals can cause lung damage, chronic health conditions, and prove to be carcinogenic. Other chemicals, including asbestos, benzene, lead and pesticides have long been associated with serious illness and cancer, but many construction sites continue to use or work with them. When Philadelphia construction workers are exposed to these chemicals and fall ill as a result, they can often seek compensation from their employers for their losses. It is the duty of the employer to both limit your exposure to toxic chemicals and educate you about occupational exposure. However, negligent or incompetent workplaces can endanger your life and health and create situations in which occupational exposure is not optional.

Many individuals are hesitant to take on their place of business for fear of “rocking the boat” or even losing their job and benefits after filing a Philadelphia chemical exposure workers comp case, but what many people don’t consider is that doing so sends a distinct message to your employer that a safe workplace is not optional for employees. With the help of an experienced workers compensation attorney, you can claim benefits for the injuries you suffer due to chemical exposure and help insure that other workers on the site can avoid illness or injury. While it is true that any monetary compensation will fall well short of making up for lifelong health issues like the ones that can result from asbestos exposure or inhalation of fumes from toxic chemicals, a settlement can help offset the costs of medical bills, time missed at work, provide for much needed healthcare and therapy and most importantly, help compensate you for your pain and suffering.

At Cherry Injury Law, our experienced Philadelphia chemical exposure lawyers have a solid legal background in both personal injury litigation and workers compensation, equipping us with the skills and resources you need to reach a successful outcome in your case. We thoroughly investigate every one of our chemical exposure cases while gathering evidence to assist in representing your best interests. To learn more about how we may be able to help you receive compensation, contact Cherry Injury Law today. Call 215-675-2400 for a free consultation of your chemical exposure case