Pennsylvania Construction Accident Attorneys Handling Roof Fall Cases

According to the Center of Construction Research and Training (CCRT), falls were the second highest cause of injury at construction sites in 1999. Nearly all falls are preventable. Falls from roofs should not be serious if roofers are wearing proper straps and harnesses. A fall should be a matter of someone else helping the roofer down after the fall when he is wearing fall protection equipment.

Instead, roofers who fall are all too often not wearing fall protection straps, with disastrous results:

If your loved one died or if you were seriously injured because of a fall from a roof at a residential or commercial construction site, talk to an experienced and accomplished Philadelphia construction accident lawyer. Do not assume that because the injured person was not wearing protective fall protection straps that he will be automatically be considered completely at fault. Property owners, supervisors and safety inspectors may be liable in full or in part. Determining liability is best left to a knowledgeable attorney.

Sometimes roof falls are complicated because of contributing circumstances such as the following:

  • A crane tipped over in the wind, knocking the roof worker over the edge.
  • A tool held by a roofer came in contact with overhead power lines, causing an electrical shock injury and a fall to the ground — or electrocution.

Pursuing compensation for the injured roofer may also be complicated if the employer claims that the roofer was an ‘independent contractor’ and therefore completely responsible for his own safety precautions.

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