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Scaffolds are fairly common sights in the construction industry. Used inside and outside to allow workers to perform many different tasks, they provide safe, stable platforms for workers to do their jobs often dozens of feet above the ground. Construction industry analysts estimate that two in every three construction workers work on a scaffold frequently, which roughly translates to 2.3 million workers at risk for being injured or killed in scaffolding accidents every year. When proper safety measures issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are followed, a worker’s chances of being hurt in a scaffolding accident are very slim.

But when proper safety measures are not followed and a worker is severely injured or killed, many workers and their families turn to experienced Philadelphia scaffolding accident lawyers such as those at personal injury law firm Cherry Injury Law. Their Pennsylvania scaffolding accident lawyers have many decades of combined experience protecting workers’ rights and helping injured workers and their families seek damages.

According to scaffolding accident statistics from OSHA, more than seven of every ten (72%) scaffolding accidents that result in serious injury or death involve the following:

  • Planks and other supports failing to support a worker’s weight, causing the worker to fall because the scaffolding was not put together correctly, was constructed using mismatched scaffolding components or the components were defective
  • The worker slipped and fell while working on the scaffolding
  • The worker was struck by a falling object

If proper OSHA safety measures are in place and followed, workers receive proper training and preventative scaffolding equipment is in place, none of the above scenarios should happen. Sadly, not all construction companies follow OSHA guidelines, and they put their workers at increased risk for devastating and often fatal scaffolding accidents.

If you or a close family member has been injured in a scaffolding accident, the Philadelphia scaffolding accident attorneys at construction accident law firm Cherry Injury Law may be able to help. They can use their many years of experience to determine if proper safety measures were in place and enforced and help accident victims and their families seek damages. They can also explain the laws that apply in plain, easy-to-understand language so that accident victims and their families can make informed decisions about what will be best for them. A scaffolding accident can change the course of a life in an instant. If you have questions about scaffolding accidents or any other type of worksite accident, call the attorneys at Cherry Injury Law today.

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