Pennsylvania Trench Accident Attorneys

Trenches are common sights at construction sites. They are the most efficient method of placing electrical wires and pipes underneath the ground for new buildings. The routine operation of digging trenches is typically performed with a backhoe or excavator without incident. When something does go wrong, either during the process of digging trenches or while working in trenches, the lawyers at Cherry Injury Law, can help.

Trench Collapse at Construction Sites

Trench collapse is the most common type of trench accident. It is also among the most likely to be fatal of all construction accidents. If a construction worker is completely buried under hundreds of pounds of dirt, there is an extremely narrow window of time in which he or she can be saved before suffocating. Even in non-fatal cases of trench collapse, the victim could suffer brain damage, paralysis or another life-changing injury.

Was the Trench Accident Preventable?

Though some trench accidents are unavoidable, others are completely preventable. Untrained workers may make errors in assessing the strength of the soil before digging. They may make the mistake of trying to dig where the surrounding earth is soft and wet. Unfortunately, this uneducated decision can lead to disaster in the form of trench collapse.

It is the employer’s responsibility not only to provide a safe workplace, but also to properly train workers in all relevant safety measures. When an act of negligence on the part of someone other than the victim’s employer caused a trench collapse, the victim may be able to pursue a personal injury claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. We can help identify all sources of compensation and maximize recovery for the injured construction worker.

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