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The dangers of working in the construction industry are very well known. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created partly in response to the alarming number of workers seriously injured and killed in construction accidents. Though great strides have been made in construction worker safety, over 500,000 workers are injured each year in welding accidents. Given the heat and energy required to weld a piece of metal to another to form a bond that will bear weight and withstand force, it’s not surprising that workers are injured in welding accidents. But if workers are trained properly and proper safety measures are in place, chances of being injured are greatly reduced.

Not all construction companies place the same emphasis on safety and awareness. They sometimes place profits before their workers’ safety. When this occurs and a worker is seriously injured in a welding accident, he or she often contacts an experienced Philadelphia welding accident attorney like those at construction injury law firm Cherry Injury Law. Their Pennsylvania welding accident lawyers answer questions and investigate the circumstances that led to the accident. They also work hard to help the injured worker and his or her family seek damages to help with medical bills, loss of function, lost wages, decreased earning potential and other financial hardship caused by the accident.

While welding accidents are seldom fatal, lax safety measures, improper training and failing to follow recommended OSHA guidelines place workers at elevated risk for the following serious welding accident injuries:

  • Exposure to ultraviolet or infrared radiation, causing lifelong health problems
  • Potentially devastating eye injuries such as photokeratitis or arc eye and tears and burns of the retina
  • Severe burns to skin, face, lungs and other internal organs
  • Exposure to gases, electricity and toxic gases
  • Second and third-degree burns to fingers, hands and arms
  • Electrocution
  • Impairment or loss of hearing
  • Many other potentially life-changing injuries

In the days following a serious welding accident, the accident victim and his or her family may be pressured by the employer or their insurance company to sign papers that they do not fully understand. If you or a close family member has been hurt in a welding accident on the job, contact an experienced Philadelphia welding accident lawyer before you sign anything. You could be signing away your right to seek damages. The construction accident attorneys at personal injury law firm Cherry Injury Law can review all documentation before you sign it, explain your options and protect your rights at all times. Don’t sign away your ability to seek compensation that you and your family may need. Contact the experienced welding accident attorneys at Cherry Injury Law before you sign.

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