Pennsylvania Gas Pipe Explosion Lawyers

Has an exploding gas pipeline caused serious injuries to you or a member of your family? Have you lost a loved one in a gas pipeline explosion? After these devastating and unexpected accidents, it can seem as though there is nobody to turn to for help. That is not the case. At Cherry Injury Law, our lawyers have the experience to stand up for gas pipeline explosion victims. Having handled personal injury claims in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania for decades, we have developed the knowledge, skill and strength necessary to handle challenging and cutting-edge cases, including gas pipeline explosions.

Burn Injuries and Gas Pipeline Explosions

Our attorneys work hard for victims of burn injuries. We know that these are among the most serious injuries that a person can face. The treatment is often long term and painful in and of itself. Burn injuries are not the only result of gas pipeline explosions. Victims may suffer head injuries, back injuries, loss of arms or legs, or broken bones. We pursue full compensation for all past, present and future medical bills and other costs faced by gas pipeline explosion victims.

Who Is Responsible for Gas Pipe Explosions?

Pipes crisscross Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region. These are high-pressure steel pipelines, 20 inches in diameter. They are designed to shift massive amounts of natural gas out of the state. If something goes wrong, that gas can set off a massive explosion. Unfortunately, there is little oversight over these pipes, their installation and their maintenance. The stage is set for natural gas pipe explosions that could change the lives of people working on these pipelines, as well as passersby. We have the experience to determine what went wrong, identify the responsible party and take action.

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