Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Philadelphia Dog Bite Attorneys

Here are tried and tested tips to help you and your children avoid getting bitten by dogs.

  1. You may have heard the saying “let sleeping dogs lie.” Statistically speaking, this is sound advice. If you startle a napping dog, you may inadvertently cue its “flight or fight response” and get bitten as a result.
  2. Stay away from strange animals or animals that appear to be sick or deranged. If a stray dog bites you, you could potentially get infected with the rabies virus. The mandatory vaccination against the virus can be a painful procedure.
  3. Don’t leave very young children alone with dogs, particularly dogs that have been neglected or abused or that have demonstrated a penchant for aggressive behavior.
  4. Before interacting with a dog on the street, ask the owner’s permission. If the owner assents, let the dog get used to you first by allowing it to smell you.
  5. Respect the maternal protective instinct. If you see a mother dog with her puppies, be forewarned that she will go to great lengths to protect her offspring and potentially bite you if you approach — even if your intentions are benign.
  6. Keep your distance from off-leash, aggressive dogs.
  7. Avoid riling up any dog in an enclosed space. It may feel threatened or may get so excitable that it bites out of sheer exuberance.

If a dog has bitten you or a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation from liable parties (such as a negligent dog owner, a property owner, or an insurance company). Turn to the firm of Cherry Injury Law., to discover potential remedies under the law. Our firm boasts a tremendous record of getting justice in personal injury cases, and we’re happy to provide a free consultation regarding your dog bite matter. Browse our website for more info or dial us now at 215-675-2400.