Treating a Dog Bite

Philadelphia, PA Dog Attack Victim Lawyers

Dog bites left untreated can lead to a host of medical problems, ranging from annoying to fatal. Here are tips for how to manage a dog bite.

  1. First of all, protect yourself against further attacks.  Give the dog something to chew on, such as a chew-toy or article of clothing. Shield your body — particularly your face and neck — against further assaults.
  2. ID the animal.  Is the dog a stray? Does the dog have an owner? What color, size, breed, and sex is the dog? Does the dog appear to be sick or foaming?
  3. Get medical attention ASAP for your dog bite injuries.  If the injuries are severe, call your physician. If not, wash off the bite with soap and water and pat the area dry with a towel. Bandage the wound after you have staunched the bleeding. To prevent loss of blood, elevate the injured area over your heart and use antibiotic topicals to prevent infection.
  4. Contact the police or animal control, and avoid making statements to insurance companies or getting in debates with the owner of the dog.  The police report substantively establishes what happened. That said, if you make statements in writing or provide oral testimony to an insurance adjuster or to a dog owner, you may impede your chances of collecting on a personal injury claim later.
  5. Consider discussing the dog bite with a Philadelphia dog bite attorney.  You are not likely to find insurance companies cooperative, particularly for serious injury cases. The attorneys here at Cherry Injury Law. can analyze your matter and provide a sensible direction for how to get compensation. Contact our associates today at 215-675-2400 or browse our website to learn more about the firm and about potential legal remedies available to you.