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The aggressive Philadelphia defective air bag attorneys at Cherry Injury Law represent clients who have been seriously injured by defective air bags throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our Philly defective air bag attorneys aggressively represent Pennsylvania defective air bag cases. If you or your loved one is injured in from a defective air bag, please call Cherry Injury Law for a free case evaluation.

The point of an air bag is to protect you from harm and even save your life in the event of a motor vehicle accident. And statistics show that overall they do:

  • Between 1986 and 2001, air bags saved roughly 5,303 front-seat occupants.
  • Of these, 85% were drivers and 15% were passengers.
  • When used with a seat belt, an air bag is 75% effective in preventing serious head injury and 66% effective in preventing serious chest injuries.

However, when a car is equipped with a defective air bag, this tool for safety can quickly become a source of injury. When an air bag is defective, it may not deflate, trapping the individual inside the vehicle. Sometimes air bags go off in minor crashes causing serious eye injury. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in 2001, defective air bags claimed the lives of 158 people.

If you are the victim of a defective air bag injury, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania defective air bag attorneys at Cherry Injury Law have the experience to get you the compensation you deserve. One of the first steps in a defective air bag case is to review the facts and discover why the air bag deployed unintentionally. For example, our attorneys understand when the design threshold of an air bag is not properly set. If an air bag went off too late, our lawyers know to look for defects in the sensor design, location of the sensors and the defective air bag’s wiring.

If you suffered from a Pennsylvania defective air bag injury, you deserve compensation for your physical and emotional injuries, pain, suffering and loss of current and future income. DO NOT accept a compensation offer from an insurance company as insurance companies are notorious for trying to offer very low settlements. Instead, call the Philadelphia defective air bag attorneys at Cherry Injury Law.

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