Philadelphia Harley-Davidson Injury Lawyers

Despite its trusted reputation, Harley-Davidson does not have a perfect track record. Over the years, Harley-Davidson has recalled many motorcycle parts, even entire motorcycles. This long-standing motorcycle manufacturer has been accused of putting bikes with defective tires, defective brakes and other major defects into the hands of consumers. These are the types of defects that can lead to motorcycle accidents and, ultimately, serious injury or wrongful death.

We Will Take On Harley-Davidson

At Cherry Injury Law, you will find lawyers who do not back down from a fight. We know that Harley-Davidson has earned a prominent place in American culture, a place it continues to fight to protect. By taking action against Harley-Davidson, we are putting its trusted reputation in jeopardy. However, the way we see it is that we are holding a product manufacturer accountable for causing harm to those who have supported it. We are sending a clear message that putting defective products on the market is not acceptable.

Have You Been Hurt by a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

If you or a loved one has been hurt while riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and you believe it is because of a product defect, our attorneys can help. You will benefit from the decades of experience we bring to these complex and contentious cases.

As we work to build a legal strategy designed to get you compensation, we may bring in a variety of experts. We know where to turn to find engineers and other experts who have specific knowledge of the motorcycle part in question and who are able to help us understand what went wrong and how Harley-Davidson was responsible.

Free Consultation: Contact a Media Defective Motorcycle Injury Attorney

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