Philadelphia Machinery Defects Lawyer

Were you or was a loved one injured because of a machinery defect on the job or elsewhere? In factories, in repair shops, at construction sites and in other places where heavy or fast-moving machinery is present, accidental injuries are sometimes very serious. Accidental deaths involving machinery are not uncommon.

Get Legal Advice After an Amputation or a Disfiguring Machinery Accident

Did you suffer an amputation or disfigurement after getting caught in a machine in a manufacturing facility? A prompt investigation may reveal that guard rails were deficient, had been removed by other workers or were never installed as they should have been. Machines may have been in poor repair, setting the scene for breakage — and injury.

Our Law Firm Handles Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Liability Claims

Do not assume that because your accident happened at work, workers’ compensation is your only potential source of compensation. Machinery defects cases are very often products liability cases that involved manufacturers, repairers, installers or inspectors, outside the realm of your employer. Our lawyers can help determine whether there is a third-party liability claim, while helping get your workers’ compensation claim underway in the meantime.

A Prompt and Thorough Investigation Is Key to Obtaining Compensation After an Injury Caused by a Defective Machine

Whatever your injury, whatever the circumstances of your accidental injury or your loved one’s fatal accident involving machinery, the sooner you have a lawyer, the better. It is very important to examine the scene of the accident as soon as possible, locate eyewitnesses and otherwise thoroughly investigate the environment and situation that led to the serious or catastrophic injury. An industrial machinery accident should most likely be evaluated by expert witnesses including mechanics who can testify to how the specific machinery was supposed to work, and what went wrong.

Cherry Injury Law, offers free initial consultations with experienced Philadelphia machinery defects attorney. Our Pennsylvania personal injury law firm has repeatedly demonstrated our lawyers’ abilities through our track record of favorable settlements and verdicts.

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