Workers Compensation Settlements

  • $375,000.00 settlement for a client who suffered extensive injuries in a fall at a nursing home where he worked as a food service director.
  • $325,000.00 settlement for a 25-year-old machine operator who suffered the elbow amputation of his left elbow when his left arm was caught in a stone crushing machine. In addition, the client’s third party product liability claim against the machine’s manufacturer settled for several million dollars.
  • $233,025.44 settlement for a client who, as a new car delivery driver, suffered multiple back injuries over the course of his ten year employment.
  • $200,000.00 settlement for a union heavy equipment operator who sustained a traumatic right knee injury caused by repeatedly banging her knee against the cab of the highway grader that she drove.
  • $4.6 Million Settlement Reached in Worker’s Compensation case
    A man who suffered a traumatic brain injury while working as a landscaper has agreed to a $4.6 million settlement to cover his ongoing care. According to court papers, in September 2009, 21-year-old landscaper was struck in a hit-and-run car accident while working for a landscaping company. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, which included bilateral parietal, left occipital and left frontotemporal subdural hematomas and contusions. He also sustained a C6-7 injury, fractures of five vertebrae and a pneumothorax. He also suffered respiratory failure, multiple facial fractures and left scapular fractures. After several years of ongoing litigation, the injured worker settled his case after several meditations handled by his attorney, David R. Cherry, Esq. of The Cherry Firm, P.C.
  • $750K settlement in a Workers Compensation case:
    Client was working as a mechanic for a Lift Truck Company repairing a lift truck when he was injured. He sustained a severe cervical spine injury along with contusions to the spinal cord. As a result of his work injuries, client is an incomplete quadriplegic. He suffered a C5 fracture, closed head injury with cerebral hematoma, epidural hematoma, and lumbar spine transverse fracture. His injuries required anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. His spinal cord injury lead to a neurogenic bladder, neurogenic bowel, as well as spasticity.
  • $375,000.00 Settlement Food Service Worker
    The Claimant was a food service director at a nursing home when he fell over a picnic table and sustained injuries to head, neck, back, right shoulder, right elbow and knees. Claimant underwent five surgeries. Claimant suffered the following work injuries: C4-5 herniated disc with right cervical radiculopathy, right shoulder impingement syndrome, right rotator cuff tendinopathy, right ulnar neuropathy at the elbow status post ulnar nerve transposition, bilateral knee strain and sprain with internal derangement and medial meniscus tear status post left knee arthroscopy.