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Workers’ compensation laws are designed to ensure that workers who are injured or harmed on the job get the compensation they deserve. They are intended to protect the injured employee — not punish him or her. They are also intended to protect the employer from excessive litigation costs, and facilitate a return to normal work operations as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these laws do not always do what they are intended to do, not without the help of an experienced attorney. At Cherry Injury Law, our attorneys can help those whose claims have been denied or disputed.

Issues With Work Injury Disputes and Denials

Some denials and disputes are the result of missing paperwork or other procedural errors. Others involve employers and insurance companies arguing that an injury or illness was not caused by workplace issues. Regardless of the reason, we can bring a denied claim back into play through the appeals process and make the employer and the insurance company take a closer look at their potential liability.

If medical fees are disputed by the insurer, reviews can be performed when assigned by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) to a recognized Utilization Review Organization (URO). The employee, employer or insurer may request a Utilization Review. According to the government of Pennsylvania, “the reasonableness or necessity of all treatment provided by a health care provider may be subject to prospective, concurrent, or retrospective utilization review to determine the reasonableness and necessity of treatment.”

The government of Pennsylvania also states that, “A determination by the URO is due within 30 days of the receipt of the medical records or 60 days of the receipt of the Notice of Assignment, whichever is earlier,” and that, “Reconsideration of Review can be requested if the determination is questioned. A Petition for Review may be filed with a judge if any party disagrees after the Reconsideration.” Decisions can be appealed to the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board and then to the Commonwealth Court if necessary.

At Cherry Injury Law, we represent clients before “Reconsideration of Review” judges, before the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board and before the Commonwealth Court as needed to obtain the necessary benefits.

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