Medical Benefits

Helping You Get Better

At Cherry Injury Law, our goal, and the goal of workers’ compensation in general, is to help you get better. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies often seem to be working against that goal. They deny, delay and cut off benefits. Our lawyers have decades of experience overcoming their tactics and making certain that all medical care is covered for injured workers in Pennsylvania.

Coverage of All Medical Care

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover all related and reasonable medical care, including payment for the initial emergency room visit, if there was one. Subsequent doctor appointments must be covered. If physical therapy or surgery is required, it should be covered. All medication, orthopedic appliances and prostheses should be covered as well.

Coverage of all medical care is not contingent on missed work. Even if someone misses little or no work, workers’ compensation must still cover all medical care. Additionally, health care providers must not bill patients for the difference between their charges and the amount paid by the insurance company. If they try to, we will sort things out.

Who Provides the Medical Care?

You can get medical care from your doctor. You do not need to take the advice of a doctor that is paid by the insurance company. While you may have to attend an independent medical exam (IME) at your employer’s request, this is simply an exam. You are not required to listen to that doctor’s advice, particularly if that advice is for you to return to work or to take steps that you know your body is not ready to take. We will stand up for you.

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