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You may be entitled to workers’ compensation disability benefits if you have been injured in the workplace and you can no longer work or you can only perform limited tasks. However, insurance companies use various techniques to limit the disability benefits that injured workers receive. To obtain all of the wage loss, medical care and other benefits you are entitled to, you may have to retain a knowledgeable attorney.

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Cherry Injury Law, is a law firm with decades of experience helping injured people get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable about the system and how to ensure that injured workers’ rights are protected.

How the Workers’ Compensation System Works

If you cannot work at all and you are still recovering, you are entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits (TTD), amounting to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. These wage loss benefits are exempt from taxation.

However, insurance companies want to limit the benefits they pay. While there is no limit to the TTD benefits you can receive, after 104 weeks the insurance company may send you an “Impairment Rating Evaluation” to assess the extent of your disability. The evaluation may determine that you are “partially disabled”, meaning that you can perform some tasks, but that you are still recovering. At this point, your employer may offer you work, but at a lower rate of pay than you were receiving before your injury.

If you are unable to resume work or work at the job your employer offers you, our firm can file a petition to contest the partial disability determination.

Protect Your Rights

You should discuss your case with an attorney if the insurance company has:

  • Sent you an “Ability to Return to Work” form (which indicates that it may be planning to cut off your benefits), or
  • Made a lump sum settlement offer

Generally speaking, it is wise to keep a claim open as long as possible, though there are situations where it makes sense to accept a lump sum settlement offer. If you are unable to perform any meaningful work, you may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. We can advise you regarding these and other matters.

The attorneys at Cherry Injury Law, will work diligently to protect your rights and help you obtain all of the benefits you are entitled to.

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