Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit Attorneys

Workers’ compensation laws were originally created to help injured workers and their employers avoid expensive, time-consuming lawsuits that assign blame for on-the-job injuries. In most cases, if you accept Pennsylvania’s no-fault benefits, you are not able to sue your employer or collect non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. However, under certain circumstances, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit. At Cherry Injury Law, our attorneys can help you evaluate your case and determine whether a lawsuit is necessary.

When You Can File a Lawsuit

If a third party — any party other than your employer such as a manufacturer of defective equipment or the driver of a car that hit you while you were at work — caused or contributed to the workplace accident, that party may also be liable under the laws that govern injuries outside the workplace. In this case, you may claim workers’ compensation while pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the third party. You are free to sue this party while also collecting your benefits.

Special circumstances, like when your employer retaliates against you after you have filed a claim against the company or when an employer does not have insurance or is self-insured, can open the door for you to file a lawsuit.

At Cherry Injury Law, our goal is to help you get all of the money you are entitled to, preferably without having to fight red tape and hostile insurance companies. If you’re already hurt and losing income, every day counts. We want to take the burdens of your Philadelphia workers’ comp case and let you concentrate on getting better, while keeping you well informed about your case’s progress.

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