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Cerebral Palsy

Cherry Injury Law of Pennsylvania recognizes that cerebral palsy is a devastating form of birth injury. This frightening diagnosis actually encompasses several categories and types of palsies of varying degrees of severity. Here are some of them:

  • Spastic, of which there are three types:
    • Spastic diplegia
      This affects leg and hip muscles and interferes with walking.
    • Spastic hemiplegia
      One side of the body is involved, and either the arms or legs are more affected. This may include abnormal growth of the affected limbs.
    • Spastic quadriplegia
      The entire body and all limbs are affected. There may be cognitive deficits and seizures.
  • Athetoid Dyskinetic
    • It is second to spastic in commonality of diagnosis.
    • The body is wholly affected by muscle problems.
  • Ataxic
    • This is the least common diagnosis.
    • It affects fine motor skills.
    • It often affects balance and coordination.
    • The child may experience tremors when making voluntary movements.
  • Hypotonic
    • Muscle control problems are visible from an early age.
    • The child is unable to hold up his or her head when sitting.
    • There is a delay in motor skills development.
  • Mixed
    • The child’s condition does not fit into only one above category.
    • This is a fairly common diagnosis.

It is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of cerebral palsy cases are the results of a brain injury caused by infection, bleeding of the brain or lack of oxygen. Conditions like improperly treated cephalohematoma or abrupted placenta are potential causes of cerebral palsy. Erb’s Palsy, which involves injury to the brachial plexus that results in nerve damage in the arm, is also considered a form of cerebral palsy. It is frequently attributed to a birthing injury due to improper delivery of a baby whose shoulders became stuck behind the mother’s pelvis during vaginal birth. Only congenital cerebral palsy cannot be traced to a birthing accident or an inherited condition as it is a birth defect acquired during the fetal development process.

Cherry Injury Law can assist parents who wish to pursue a Pennsylvania birth injury lawsuit against medical practitioners whose errors led to a child developing any type of cerebral palsy. Aside from the emotional toll cerebral palsy takes on a family, the financial responsibilities that accompany this diagnosis are steep and last for the rest of a child’s life. Parents need the peace of mind knowing they can provide and pay for their child’s ongoing care. They also need assurance that their child will continue to be taken care of even after they are gone. A medical malpractice lawsuit pursued by competent and experienced PA Cerebral Palsy attorneys can provide that financial security.

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