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Pharmaceutical Error

Cherry Injury Law of Pennsylvania cautions parents to be aware of the risk of pharmaceutical errors such as overdoses, which may result in birth-related injuries to babies and their mothers. These injuries result due to pharmacy and hospital mix-ups or omissions and can have serious, even fatal results.

Hospitals are hectic places, especially maternity wards. It is possible for overworked medical professionals to commit pharmaceutical errors like prescribing too much or too little of a drug. They might also misread a chart and administer the wrong medication to a patient or even become confused and give a patient a drug meant for someone else. A mother or her infant may be allergic to a given pharmaceutical or taking other medications that could cause a disastrous interaction. In any case, it is the responsibility of the medical staff to make sure to avoid such pharmaceutical errors.

Another risk is if an intravenous unit or other equipment for delivering measured dosages of pharmaceuticals malfunctions, resulting in injury or worse. In these circumstances, the manufacturers of defective units may also be held responsible for any resultant birth injuries to mothers and their babies.

Even before entering the hospital to give birth, mothers and their babies are at risk of pharmaceutical error. Any prescribed medication or supplement the mother takes during her pregnancy inevitably affects the fetus growing inside of her. If a doctor or pharmacist fails to take into consideration the risk of harm to her baby when prescribing medication or doesn’t warn her of potential drug interactions, he or she may be held liable for any damage the mother or baby suffers.

Infants can be greatly harmed if a pharmaceutical error occurs. They may experience organ damage, developmental disabilities or they might die. A mother is also at risk of serious injury that could render her unable to care for her baby.

If a child or mother suffers injury or dies as the result of a pharmaceutical error, the family will need the assistance of a Pennsylvania pharmaceutical error law firm experienced in proving the cause and winning financial compensation under Pennsylvania law. If you or your family has experienced pharmaceutical error, contact Cherry Injury Law to find out how they can help.

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