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Prenatal care is an essential part of quality obstetrical care. Most mothers first see a doctor in about the second or third month of pregnancy, to confirm the pregnancy and begin planning for a healthy birth. Obstetricians, their nurses and other professionals such as laboratory personnel and sonogram technicians owe a duty of care to a pregnant mother and the unborn child. They are expected to follow accepted standards and take precautions to avoid birth injuries or harm to the fetus during pregnancy.

If, in the course of prenatal care, your (or your wife’s) obstetrician failed to screen you adequately for risk factors or failed to give you correct information or advice, you may have a cause of legal action if a birth injury (or maternal death) was the result of this negligence. Talk to one of our Philadelphia birth injury lawyers for information and help.

Did your doctor fail to ask for your family health history and take precautions to avoid harm caused by things such as the Rh factor or an unusually small pelvis of the mother or large-sized baby? Did your doctor recommend diet, exercise and vitamins known to promote healthy fetal development and health of the mother?

Did the doctor take note of risk factors that might put the mother’s life in danger, and take appropriate precautionary actions? Did the doctor screen for genetic flaws in the fetus to allow the parents to make an informed decision about carrying a baby to term if serious defects were detected? Did the doctor inform you of alternative remediation such as prenatal surgery for a baby with spina bifida?

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In general, did the obstetrician screen, monitor, inform and take appropriate precautions during your prenatal care? These are among the key questions that demand answers after a birth injury or a maternal death. Contact a birth injury lawyer at the law offices of Cherry Injury Law, to schedule an initial consultation if you suspect medical errors began during prenatal care.