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Cancer is a disease that strikes fear into the hearts of victims and their families. That word inspires so much dread that we often use euphemisms to talk about it instead of the dreaded “C” word. Although medical science has made great strides in identifying and treating cancer, it remains a very serious and potentially deadly disease. It is essential to diagnose cancer and begin treatment early as early detection allows doctors to pursue many more options for treating and possibly removing cancerous tissue before it can spread to other parts of the body. If a doctor fails to properly diagnose cancer, treatment options become limited and more expensive, invasive and debilitating for the patient and may or may not be successful. In many cases, a patient will consult with an experienced Philadelphia misdiagnosis lawyer to determine his or her options under the law and seek possible damages.

Doctors do not yet know how to prevent cancer, but they do know that this disease is caused by cells that develop and reproduce abnormally. Researchers have identified over 100 different types of cancer that affect different parts of the body. Many types form collections of cancerous cells that become tumors while other cancers disperse cells through the circulatory system, lymphatic system and other systems in the body. As previously mentioned, early cancer detection is essential for a patient’s chances of survival and the effectiveness and variety of treatment options.

When a doctor fails to properly diagnose cancer early or makes a misdiagnosis and provides the wrong treatment, the cancer can spread or metastasize and severely limit treatment options. Only heart disease claims more lives every year than cancer does, and despite great progress in cancer diagnosis and medical treatment, cancer claims more than 7.9 million lives around the world each year. That number is expected to climb to more than 11 million by 2030.

The Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers at Cherry Injury Law have many decades of experience counseling and educating cancer patients about the laws that apply to their situations and their options for seeking damages. If you or a close family member has a cancer diagnosis that could and should have been detected earlier, you should speak with a Philadelphia cancer misdiagnosis attorney regarding your legal rights. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Cherry Injury Law today.

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