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Cell phones have changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. They are as numerous on our busy streets as people and cars and are used constantly to do things like stay in contact with family and friends or conduct business. While the technology and usefulness of cell phones has revolutionized our day to day lives, for motorists, cell phones can seriously impair one’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, increasing traffic collisions and injuries.

As more and more states continue to add laws prohibiting the use of cellular phone devices without hands-free devices, the obvious dangers of that very same cell phone usage, through holding conversations or texting while driving, is becoming more and more obvious. Distracted driving has become such an issue in our country that states are constantly adding some form of cell phone talk or texting ban making cell phone usage while driving a motor vehicle illegal. It is not readily apparent, however, if the language of most laws goes far enough.

In a study released by the National Safety Council, researchers found that drivers using cell phones — whether hand-held or hands-free — have a tendency to “look at” but not “see” objects. They look out the windshield but do not process everything they need to know to respond to unexpected situations and hazards. Distracted drivers experience “inattention blindness,” similar to that of tunnel vision, the study states.

While debate rages on over whether the language in laws banning cell phone usage are stringent enough, some states, like Pennsylvania, have yet to adopt a ban at all. At the time of the publication of this page, no cell phone while operating a motor vehicle ban of any kind has been adopted.

This does not mean, however, that those individuals who cause accidents because they were distracted while talking or texting on their cell phones are off the hook. Distracted driving is illegal and any activity which substantially decreases your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle is against the law. It is the job of the attorney in question to prove that the driver was significantly distracted enough that the accident was a direct result of the cell phone use.

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