Pennsylvania Truck Accident Wrongful Death Attorneys

Any death is devastating to surviving family members. A wrongful death is even more disturbing because someone’s negligence or irresponsibility may have caused it. The Pennsylvania truck accident wrongful death law firm of Cherry Injury Law ensures compassionate and experienced representation for victims’ families. We have helped many clients rebuild their lives after seeking justice for their loved ones’ deaths due to a truck accident wrongful death.

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were more than 4,000 large truck accident fatalities in 2008. These needless deaths, together with other motor vehicle fatalities, could have been prevented if certain regulations were followed. For example, all of these conditions could result in a wrongful death situation:

  • Abrupt changing of lanes
  • Defective tires or other equipment
  • Driving in poor road or weather conditions
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Fatigued driver
  • Lack of adequate truck driver training
  • Poorly maintained truck
  • Speeding
  • Unexpected release of hazardous material or truck load
  • Talking on a cell phone or texting while driving

Not all of these conditions are the result of driver negligence. Many causes of truck accident wrongful deaths are traced to the owner of the truck company, the manufacturer of a defective part and personnel responsible for maintaining the truck. A skilled wrongful death attorney will know what strategy to employ to hold all responsible parties accountable.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Pennsylvania

After a tragedy such as a deadly truck accident, a victim’s family is left with an overwhelming loss as well as the task of making plans for the future of the family members who relied on the victim for support. Medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of earnings and benefits, pain and suffering, loss of service to the family, loss of companionship, property damage and burial expenses can leave the family in a financial crisis. The wrongful death attorneys at Cherry Injury Law aggressively fight to gain the highest compensation possible for our clients. A large majority of our wrongful death cases are settled out of court. However, we are ready to pursue litigation if it means a larger settlement for our clients.

Our law firm offers a free consultation to discuss your case. You may have questions about your loved one’s death such as whether it was avoidable. You can trust that our wrongful death attorneys will stay by your side in the pursuit of justice for the death of your loved one.

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