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Traffic accidents seem to be an unavoidable part of the driving experience in Pennsylvania. With so many vehicles on our roads, especially in highly congested cities like Philadelphia, the chance of getting into a Pennsylvania car accident can seem substantial. These accidents can be extremely serious, especially those that involve large commercial vehicles or trucks. The Pennsylvania commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Cherry Injury Law have vast experience and knowledge regarding these types of accidents, and they work hard to insure that their clients receive just compensation according to the law.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large trucks were involved in 8.5% of 2006 accidents resulting in fatalities. When taking all other types of vehicles into account, 8.5% may seem like a relatively small number by comparison, but it is too high nevertheless. Due to the tremendous size of these types of commercial vehicles, they are capable of massive amounts of destruction and very often are the direct result of negligence.

This negligence can manifest itself as a weary truck driver in truck accident wrongful death cases. Many truck drivers attempt to deliver goods in unreasonable time frames. That is, trucking companies give their drivers deliver time frames that are sometimes impossible for their drivers to safely handle. As a result, truck drivers resort to drastic measures to ensure that they meet their delivery deadlines. Many truck drivers choose to drive long hours, keeping sleep to a minimum in order to increase time spent on the road each day. However, sleep deprivation can significantly alter a person’s judgment, and a person who is deprived of sleep should never drive any sort of vehicle when affected by it. Some drivers even resort to relying on medications and other substances to keep themselves awake and alert for driving. These substances can quickly cloud a driver’s judgment, leading that driver to reckless behavior while on the road.

Commercial vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of a driver or a commercial entity are serious dangers to our states motorists. Contact the Philadelphia commercial vehicle attorneys at Cherry Injury Law today for a consultation of your specific situation at 610-565-0300.

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