Pedestrian Accident

Did you know that pedestrians are the second-largest group of car accident fatalities? Pedestrian accidents happen more often than you might think. In fact, every eight minutes a pedestrian is hurt in a traffic accident – that’s up to 65,000 injuries a year. About 5,000 or more pedestrians die every year in pedestrian accidents.

These Pennsylvania pedestrian accidents don’t take long, but the ramifications can last a lifetime. That’s because the unshielded human body is just not designed to stand up to the impact of a passenger vehicle, truck, or other conveyance. The pedestrian can be flung and suffer severe impact, such as brain injury, paralysis, broken bones, even disfigurement or death. Though urban areas increase higher pedestrian accident rates than the country, rural pedestrian accidents can be even more tragic due to crashes that occur at high velocities. Males are far more likely to be injured in pedestrian accidents, most of which occur on the weekends.

Individuals who are injured in pedestrian accidents in Philadelphia should seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. While insurance companies often get involved, a quick-fix settlement isn’t always a good idea for the victim, who may suffer life-long complications, require ongoing medical attention, and can be scarred for life by their ordeal. It is recommended that victims of Pennsylvania pedestrian accidents contact a competent, reputable PA personal injury attorney with a good track record in order to pursue legal action against the person whose negligent behavior caused their injury. The right lawyer can help assess the case, gather evidence, negotiate between parties, and obtain compensation for the injuries and associated trauma and costs.

At Cherry Injury Law, we know how stressful and scary pedestrian accidents can be. And we can help. We have a long track record helping people like you bring negligent drivers to justice for pedestrian accidents – and we are offering a free consultation to anyone with questions about whether their pedestrian accident could result in a valid lawsuit. Don’t sit back and let someone get away with endangering your life, your happiness, and your financial future. Call our Pennsylvania pedestrian accident attorneys today for more information – your evaluation is free and completely confidential.

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