Philadelphia Serious Injury Attorneys – Catastrophic Injuries

A serious injury is often considered to be an injury that will cause significant pain and suffering, and may take a long time to heal. After a serious injury, an accident victim may be left with a limp or some other minor disability, but he or she can usually return to a normal lifestyle and perhaps go back to work.

A catastrophic injury, on the other hand, drastically alters the lifestyle of an injured person and his or her family. The spouse of a catastrophic injury victim experiences losses of his or her own, including “loss of consortium,” referring to the marital relationship itself. Both the injured person and his or her wife or husband may have cause to bring damage claims against liable parties after an accidental injury such as the following:

A catastrophic injury lawyer with ample experience advocating on behalf of newly disabled accident victims is a valuable resource. A skillful attorney can advise an individual suffering a catastrophic injury as well as for the injured person’s family, while developing a compelling claim to present to negligent parties, their insurers and perhaps a judge and jury.

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