Pennsylvania Penetrating Brain Injury Attorneys

A penetrating brain injury occurs when there is a break in the skull, such as when a bullet pierces the brain. Also known as open brain injuries, they occur when the dura mater, the outer layer of the meninges, is breached, sometimes reaching inside the brain itself. Projectiles like bullets, knives, or even shattered pieces of a victims own skull can cause a penetrating brain injury. Due to the fact that essential brain tissues are destroyed in these types of injuries the prospect of an ancillary affliction, from the brain swelling or bleeding excessively, adds to the dangers of the penetrating brain injury. The worst type of penetrating brain injury involves the projectile in question entering and exiting the brain. These types of injuries are almost always fatal.

The skull fracture involved in open brain injuries can vary. The different types of fracture can include:

  • Linear skull fracture, which is defined as a crack or small fissure in the skull that doesn’t cause the structure itself to collapse. These are the most common of all fractures and the prognosis can vary depending on the location of the fracture and how serious it is.
  • Depressed skull fracture, is defined as a fracture in which fragments of broken skull press down into the brain, penetrating it. Victims of blunt force trauma are most likely exhibit this type of fracture.
  • Diastatic skull fractures are defined as breaks along suture lines where plates of the skull fused when the victim was a young child.
  • Basilar skull fractures are defined as breaks of the skull at its base. Although rare, this condition can be exceedingly serious. The most frequent cause of this type of injury is sever whiplash, involving the sudden jerking forward of the spine.

Open head injuries can lead to bleeding or swelling of the brain, which in turn can lead to brain damage through the destruction of cells or through the deprivation of oxygen to the brain cells. Open head injuries also pose a serious threat of infection, however, since the skull and surrounding tissues no longer are protecting the brain itself. Germs and other outside bacteria can result in illnesses like meningitis, an infection of the membranes that surround the brain and spine. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to further damage to the brain and more swelling.

Unlike a closed head injury, most penetrating head injuries cause damage to a specific area of the brain, known in medical terms as focal damage. This means that the damage is concentrated to one area of the brain. Since specific locations in the brain control specific functions, a person with focused trauma to the brain may find themselves without the ability to perform very specialized tasks, while other seemingly related tasks may continue to perform perfectly normally. The end result of these types of open head injuries can be the loss of very specific functions, be they physical, cognitive, or sensory in nature. It can take years of care and rehabilitation from everyone from physical therapists to psychological counselors to medical specialists to restore the quality of life of individuals who suffer through these types of injuries.

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