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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that around one in every five fatal workplace accidents occurs on a construction site. In addition, construction accidents are more likely than any other workplace accident to result in wrongful death. This is no secret to the men and women who work on construction sites across the country. Despite redundant safety measures and a “Safety First!” mentality among workers, there are many potential hazards on a construction site that endanger workers’ lives. However, sometimes management cuts corners and does not observe proper safety protocols in order to expedite construction and make more money on a project.

When this occurs and a worker is injured or killed, the victim’s family may wish to contact an experienced Philadelphia construction accident death lawyer to seek damages against the company. The Pennsylvania construction accident lawyers at Cherry Injury Law have many decades of combined experience helping families during this very difficult time. They have successfully represented the families of workers killed in construction site accidents caused by the following:

A fatal construction site accident causes a family to endure life-changing hardship in addition to the deaths of a loved one. Family members lose the deceased’s companionship, which directly affects their quality of life. They lose the deceased’s wage-earning ability, which causes economic hardship. They are also stuck with medical and funeral expenses, which can cause extreme financial and emotional suffering.

A Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyer at Cherry Injury Law can launch an investigation into the fatal accident, determine if safety measures were in place and fight hard to seek damages for the victim’s family. They will explain the laws that apply in plain, easy-to-understand language so that the family can make informed decisions about which course of action will be best for them. In the days following a fatal construction accident, the construction company’s insurance company may contact the victim’s family and pressure them to sign documents they do not fully understand. Before you sign anything, contact the experienced, aggressive construction accident death attorneys at Cherry Injury Law and have them review all documentation.

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