Cruise Ship Injuries: Shore Excursions

For many cruise passengers, a cruise is a great place to relax, unwind and take advantage of some unique travel opportunities. However, many passengers fail to take into account some of the risks on this type of voyage. Cruise ships can be fun, enjoyable places, but they can also be risky and challenging environments. Many different kinds of cruise injuries can negatively affect the lives of passengers and getting personal injury cases resolved can be difficult. Different maritime laws and the enclosed environment of a cruise can add to the complexity, especially when a cruise ship injury case involves a shore excursion. Cherry Injury Law, can help sort out the details when a shore excursion from a ship results in an injury to a passenger.

Shore Excursion Injuries: Risk and Responsibility

Injury cases involving shore excursions can be some of the most challenging incidents for personal injury law firms to prosecute. In addition to all of the red tape around the jurisdiction of places on the cruise itinerary, cruise lines often include specific legal disclaimers about shore excursions that can limit their liability in case of passenger injury. Looking at a case of a passenger injury on shore often means wading through the legal hedges that the cruise management has designed to stop settlements or awards to injured passengers.

Documenting an injury and proving cause can also be difficult. The passenger may not have access to an independent doctor until days later. Getting all of the facts as quickly as possible is essential for success of a cruise ship personal injury case.

Getting Compensated For Shore Excursion Injuries

At the Pennsylvania personal injury law firm of Cherry Injury Law, the staff can help clients fight for the compensation that they deserve when unsafe situations have led to any kind of injury during a cruise. Those activities offered by cruises have to be safe and reasonably secure, and despite any waivers and disclaimers, the management of a travel company is still responsible for the general welfare of their customers. Call and let us represent your personal injury claim when insufficient safety or education about a shore excursion resulted in illness or injury on a cruise adventure.

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