The Jones Act: Federal Law for Maritime Injuries

When it comes to the kinds of injuries and occupational hazards faced by sailors and other seamen, there’s a federal U.S. law called the Jones Act that provides guidance for pursuing worker’s compensation claims. Regular worker’s compensation law is administered by the states, but when an injury takes place on the high seas, it is usually classified as a “Jones Act” case since the law covers most seagoing vessels. The Jones Act has its own protocols and legal rules, and getting personal injury law firms with maritime experience is critical when ship workers find themselves impacted by an accident at sea. Cherry Injury Law can help injured oil workers, fishing crew members or others affected by a boat accident.

Knowing the Jones Act: Personal Injury Law Firms Evaluate Offshore Injuries

Unlike the conventional worker’s compensation law, the Jones Act includes its own stipulations for the kinds of compensation that injured workers receive. It also has its own terminology for this compensation including amounts for “maintenance” and “cure.” Maintenance payments cover the per diem costs that a worker would have earned. Cure costs are related to the extent of the injury.

Personal injury law firms help offshore workers evaluate claims in light of the Jones Act to see just what type of compensation is relevant and appropriate under this law. Jones Act claims usually include a conventional three-year statute of limitations, which means that workers should pursue their claims as soon as possible. Good documentation for a claim goes along with swift medical assessment after an accident. A worker might have to schedule a specific shore leave to be examined by a qualified medical professional.

Professional Personal Injury Law Firms and Maritime Injury Help

Workers injured on board almost any kind of vessel can rely on the Pennsylvania personal injury firm of Cherry Injury Law. This legal firm will assist clients in getting the compensation they deserve under the Jones Act and other specialized maritime law. Call us and let our staff go to work for you, doing the required research and fact-finding to pursue the best strategies for your maritime injury claim.

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