Fishing Injuries: Accident Risks for Professional Fishing Crews

The risk of injury or even death is significant for all of the professional fishing crews in American and international waters. Estimates by NIOSH (the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) show that American fishing workers suffer dozens of injuries and fatalities every year. Commercial fishing crew members have a much higher rate of injury than workers in most other professions. For those in the waters around Alaska, the risks are even higher. It’s important that these workers who put themselves in harm’s way have access to good resources for protecting themselves in the event of a commercial fishing accident. Cherry Injury Law represents fishing workers affected by accidents that happen all too often, sometimes based on faulty equipment or poor safety procedures.

Causes of Fishing Injuries: Evaluation by Personal Injury Law Firms

Coast Guard experts and others with inside knowledge of the industry cite some common causes of the worst fisher injuries and fatalities that happen in the industry. These include lost vessels and the threat of a fishing worker falling overboard during routine work on the deck. Accidents can result when companies or crews cut corners in hauling catches onboard. Experts say specific safety measures like safety hatch monitoring and vessel stability research can reduce the number of accidents that hurt and kill workers in American fishing vessels.

Personal injury law firms look at the facts of a fishing injury or fatality case to determine whether some of the industry standards were not in place at the time of the event. Detailed research often shows whether a company or other party was responsible for an injury to a commercial fishing worker. Lots of the documentation in a fishing injury case involves knowing the statutes for maritime incidents, dealing with interstate and international law and complying with any special legal obstacles in a particular case.

Help with Fishing Injuries: The Personal Injury Law Firm of Cherry Injury Law

Cherry Injury Law has experience in helping injured fishing professionals advance their cases to get the compensation they need. When someone’s livelihood is impacted, it’s critical to have good legal representation to assist in settling a case. Insurance companies and corporate employers have their own sets of lawyers, and injured workers need representation as well. Call us and let us handle the work involved in getting the facts on a fishing injury case.

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